September 7


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Arthur Lee

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Enrik's Restaurant

25 Railway Road, Blackburn, VIC 3130

Blackburn, VIC, AU, 3130

Grab a coffee and have a chat with like minded business people

Just started your business? We’re here to encourage each other.

Going through some struggles or successes? Let’s celebrate and support each other.

Thinking about starting a business? Come and ask questions

Not many around you understand your business mindset? We’re all the same!

Its really informal! Coffee and conversations! RSVPs are highly preferred so I can book the table at the venue. I don’t mind if you turn up on the day if at the last minute you find out you can make it. The venue is quite big!

Its Free to attend, but it would be nice to support the cafe for allowing us to use the venue by buying a coffee or a drink. (I don’t own the cafe or receive a commission!)

If you haven’t been before, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for you and will introduce you personally to other people in the group. If you are a bit unsure, please send me a message first and ask any questions you like.

Look forward to trading some business cards, talking shop, or just sharing some time with other people with the same interest and mindset.


If this is the first time you have come across this event, let me introduce a little bit more about me and my business background. Even if we have met, because I’m always greeting people and moving around, I hope this helps you understand a bit more about my journey.

Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by people in my own family that ran successful businesses. In fact the first little business I ran was in year 7 selling pirated computer games, of course until a friend politely told me that it was not a legal enterprise!

I ran a tutoring service during my university years that was quite successful, a lot of my students scored very high in their studies. They were pretty smart anyway, and their parents got them to come. But hey! Got to take some credit you know!

When a graduated from university in 2000, I launched an online business selling good that unfortunately took a lot of time and resource without much profit. I put it down to the fact I was a bit ahead of my time. hahaha 🙂

Dabbling in a few things here and there, my journey of business learning really got going when I took out a large unsecured loan and bought my first physiotherapy practice. It was a story of rags to rags, but the lessons learnt were amazing.

Step by step I’ve improved my processes, skills and understanding of business. I have mainly been in the healthcare industry but I was known to push the boundaries for the sake of my patients. People in my industry ended up liking what I did or hating what I did. I don’t know whether I was a hero or a villain! I think more a villain.

Fast forward to the last 2 years, I have ended up writing a few books, making some videos and now working as a freelance voice over artist while maintaining 3-4 patients as a physio.

I have gone back to some roots of what I’m really interested in doing. The decision to study physiotherapy was made when I was 16-17 years old and I really can’t live my life based on a decision I made (with the help of many voices around me) half a lifetime ago.

This is who I am personally, I love hosting events, I love arts and media, I have always been a business enthusiast, I am married and a parent of young children, have a dog, love to cook, and yes need to lose a bit of weight.

I want to bring a part of me to the events, I am not here to impose my thoughts and ideas on you, I really love meeting people with similar interests and hearing everyone’s stories. And if we have time I’d love to share a few of mine.

See you soon!

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